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Keep smiling, Westfield.

Westfield Family Dental is here for all of your dental needs, from teeth cleanings to wisdom tooth removal.

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Our Dentists

Meet Dr. Ramotar and Dr. Crawford

Their combined dental experience will have you feeling confident and comfortable with your smile in no time.

Dental Services

Most of the Services You Need, under One Roof.

Tooth Extractions

Save money on the removal of broken or damaged teeth compared to the high prices of dental specialists.

Teeth Cleanings

Our experienced dental hygienists are focused on making sure your next cleaning is as comfortable as possible.

Sedation Dentistry

If fear of the dentist has caused your oral health to suffer, sedation can help you to relax and ease your fears.

Dentures and partials

Smile like you used to with our affordable dentures.

The team at Westfield Family Dental has decades of experience in helping patients smile again with high-quality, affordable dentures. If you need teeth removed, immediate dentures can help you smile the day of your extractions.